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Legal Services

Business law

Business formation, company management, business transactions. Each company, each business transaction needs a careful individual approach to successfully achieve the desired goals and to limit the potential risks. Czech company laws were significantly amended recently, raising the need for a careful review of both new and existing contracts and articles of incorporation.

Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate Law

Focusing on laws, procedures and practices associated with estate planning, creation and management of trusts, drafting wills and representing clients in all stages of the inheritance proceedings, before the Czech public notaries, acting as court commissioners, as well as before appellate courts.

International Multi-jurisdiction cases

We specialize in assisting foreign investors with their investments in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. In case disputes arise, we can guide our clients through complete arbitration or court litigation, involving conflict of laws issue, application of European and foreign laws and regulations in domestic court proceedings, as well as full cooperation with our foreign partners in multiple pending cases is different jurisdictions.

Damages and Compensation

In case of a breach of contract, loss or injury caused by the wrongful act of another, or other damage, we can assist our clients to recover the damages in both civil and criminal cases, including efficient enforcement of judgments in the Czech Republic, as well as in other countries.

Real Estate

Well-drafted and thorough purchase-sell contracts are essential in protecting your interests on the real estate market. Whether you are buying a commercial property to expand and develop your business, or invest money to achieve better living for you and your family, we offer drafting or revising real estate contracts to ensure swift and dispute-free transactions.

Residential Lease and Purchase

Living in the Czech Republic can include renting or purchasing a house or an apartment. Both parties will always benefit from well-written lease agreements, taking into account the various limits of the Czech laws and regulations and avoiding potential litigation. When purchasing real estate, we can provide you with all the necessary contracts, including money escrow and registration of property ownership changes.

Complex trial and appellate litigation                           

In cases where it was not possible to reach an amicable settlement, we are able to efficiently and cost effectively represent our clients in arbitration proceedings, as well as before all Czech courts, including the Czech Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Court. Our lawyers are also qualified to represent you before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Trademark and Copyright law

Both new and well established companies may benefit from trademark protection of their brands against illegal misuse by your competitors. In case of infringement of your rights, you may seek an injunction to quickly prevent the continuation of the violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark.

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