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Dr. Gabriel Brenka



Dr. Gabriel Brenka is the founder of our law firm. During his career, he worked as a judge, a diplomat at the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the Legislation Council of the Czech Government. From 1992 till 2000 he worked as of counsel at Linklaters.

He focuses on private and public international law, business law, civil law, arbitration and litigation

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Klára Brenková



Klára Brenková worked for several years as a public notary. In 1995 she became a lawyer and focuses on civil law, especially inheritance law and real estate transactions. 



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Alexandra Fritzová



Alexandra Fritzová graduated from Charles University Law Faculty in 2008 and became a lawyer in 2014.

She focuses on private international law, business and civil law, as well as employment law and medical malpractice.


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Gabriel Brenka, jr.



Gabriel Brenka graduated from Masaryk Univerzity Law Faculty in 2002 and became a lawyer in 2005.

He focuses on private international law, business law, copyright protection (including representing clients in cases before OHIM) and IT law.



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